Wood Chip Handling & Accessories

Dryer Systems

Push Floor Dryer
This efficient and proven drying system can remove small particles (fines, sand) while it dries:
Fully Automated
Able To Be Remotely Operated
Easily Adjustable
Up to 25-50m3dried wood chips per day* Suitable for multiple CHP systems Available in 20’ or 40’ configurations
* Dependent on starting quality and moisture content
Dual Bunker System
This type of dryer is best suited for installations with 1 to 2 CHP units.

This dryer is installed in a 20’ container, and can both dry and feed dried wood chips simultaneously.

With Automatic notification of refill this is easy to install and operate.

Wood Chip Handling
Our wood chip handling systems can be configured for any individual installation. By providing all the systems ourselves, we can ensure that the entire system works together perfectly.

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Residue Handling

Our Ash residue system ensures safe and clean removal.  Spiral Conveyors automatically remove ash from the system without interruption of the CHP units.

Wood Ash

Ash is conveyed to our Steel Storage bins for safe and easy removal.  The easy to operate interface can be optimized to produce either a dense ash or biochar.



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