Consistency of fuel is theĀ KEY FACTOR in maintaining predictable and reliable operations. The fewer variables occurring in the fuel, the fewer variables in operation.


No contaminants like sand, stones, dirt.


Maximum of fractions or fine particles 30% (smaller than 4mm)


Natural wood chips (species of tree is not important) with a diameter of 30 to 40mm (G30 to G40 European DIN standard)


Moisture content <15%


We recommend the use of wood chips with minimum bark (energy content is low)

Fuel Types

Raw Material: Standing dead pine

Material is chipped, sieved and dried


Raw Material: Tops, roadside vegetation

Material is chipped, sieved and dried


Raw Material: Wood Pallets

Material is shredded, sieved and metal removed.


Wood Chip Alternatives

Sawmill chips, sawdust & fines can be further processed and successfully used in our system


Dried and pressed into pellets or briquettes


Wood Pellets

Briquettes 30mm diameter

Water Content 10% max.


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