About Us

Borealis Wood Power Corporation is a Canadian company established in 2012, dedicated to marketing the Borealis CHP wood-plant system in North America. Its focus is on both the market development and technical support for this system developed by Spanner Re2 GmbH of Germany and licensed to Borealis Wood Power Corporation. The system is marketed under the Borealis name and customized to the needs of the respective marketplace. Borealis is owned by a consortium of investors primarily from the automotive industry.

Renewable, Affordable CHP Power

Spanner Re2 GmbH of Neufahrn Germany is a division of a medium-sized group of companies.  The parent company is Otto Spanner GmbH,  a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, whose largest client is BMW. They are well experienced in biomass heating technology. Spanner Re2 GmbH has been developing and supplying biomass heating systems for OEM customers since 2005 with installations that use pellets, wood chips and logs in over 20 countries. The wood-power plant was commercially launched in 2009 for market applications.

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